Valley View Maine Coons

Miniature Donkeys

Linda Volpe has four Miniature Sicilian Donkeys for sale: 
  • Courtney, seven-year-old chocolate, 33" tall, born 3-16-07. 
  • Curley Cue, six-year-old spotted brown and white, 33" tall, born 11-2-08. 
  • Cappuccino, six-year-old brown/gray dun, 33" tall, born 8-30-08. 
  • Josie, four-year-old spotted brown and white, 31" tall, born 5-3-10. 

All four Jennys are registered, were sired by a Spotted Jack, and will throw spotted babies. These donkeys are the best of the best - sweet and extra lovable, safe around small children. $800 each, except Curley Cue: $1,000. Sold with papers. Prime Jennys for breeding.

Call to inquire about purchasing these top-of-the-line donkeys: 603-835-2111.

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